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Damica is a native of a small town in Arkansas. Early on she realized her passion for comfort foods, texture and the blending of flavors. She attributes much of her unique flair in the kitchen to her southern roots.


Struggling to find her niche in the world... She never once thought about cooking, until others started tasting her food. It all started from a potluck at work. She brought in her signature Cajun Seafood Pasta- Chicken, Shrimp, Sausage, & Crawfish tails with a creamy spinach Alfredo sauce. She remembers bringing in a huge pot of her famous pasta, leaving it on the break room table and then leaving to take a 10 minute call. Upon her return, and to her surprise, the only thing that was left was the pot. A few weeks later, her boss asked could she make her famous dish for his family. After he agreed to a small fee, the request was honored. Months later, her former boss contacted her asking if she would be able to cook that same dish for a banquet. It would be her first time making this dish to feed over 200 people; the pressure was on. At the end of the night, the mission was completed, with smiling faces & full stomachs. 


A year had passed before Damica found herself sitting in her living room speaking to her sister about what could they possibly do to earn more income.  By then, Damica had traveled around tasting different seafood. In that moment, they talked about different catchy names to possibly turning her cooking into a possible business. Dereka, Damica's sister, came up with the catchy names on the menu. Although Dereka's passion and dream was creating her cosmetics line, Damica continued to devote her time and energy into Seafood On The Run. They are both now turning their dreams into realities. 


"My goal is to provide fresh, comforting food that makes you feel at home." -Damica 

& Owner of Seafood On The Run
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