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Fresh n' Tasty!

Seafood On The Run offers more than just a bland taste. We season every item, including our lemons. We have Snow Crabs, Shrimp, Crawfish, and Lobster Tails accompanied, by our seasoned Corn, Sausage, and Potatoes. Our signature Lip Smackin Garlic Butter is nothing you've ever tasted. Our Lip Smackin Garlic Butter is well seasoned and will have you craving for more. Our flavors are phenomenal. Discover a New Level of Taste with our Seafood. Our speciality is our signature Cajun Pasta (Lobster, Shrimp, & Crab Leg)  and is available in two different sizes. We have dishes that serve individuals or parties up to 15 people, all at a very affordable price.


Seafood On The Run Kitchen prides itself in using only the freshest ingredients and providing the finest quality offerings. We are dedicated to helping you plan a professional event with a personal touch. The professionals of SOTR are very passionate about serving you and helping make your event truly memorable.


We offer 2 different catering services for parties of 10 or more. We also, offer Luxury Private Dinners. Clients are able to choose pick-up service, in-house catering, or all you can eat buffet. FREE delivery is available if you're located in North Dallas.


Our Signature

Our two signature dishes are our Loaded Seafood Twice Baked Potato and our signature Red Beans and Rice topped with Crawfish Tails. 

Red Beans and Rice, inside this Cajun dish is Sausages and Crawfish Tails. 

Loaded Seafood Twice Baked Potato, our signature creamy sauce loaded with Crawfish Tails and Shrimp.

Loaded Seafood Baked Potato.JPG